Базы млп девиантарт

Базы млп девиантарт

:bulletpurple: If you want to Affiliate just ask but it has to be pony related or adoptables related.

:bulletgreen: Please submit to the right folder. Or it’s going to get declined.

:bulletred: Love and Tolerate. NO TROLLING allowed.

:bulletblack: RESPECT THE ADMINS.

:bulletorange: IF YOU WANT A CERTAIN ADOPT DON’T SAY ITS YOURS IF YOU DONT ADOPT IT because Iv’e seen people want a adopt so much the draw and say its theirs even though someone adopts it.

:bulletblue: PLEASE HAVE FUN cause we love all our stalkers watchers and members. We will be adding fun features like hopefully shops and stuff.

:bulletpink: AND PLEASE ADVERTISE because we want to make this group as big as possible but you don’t have to advertise.

P.S: Any chain mail will be reported as spam and will be hidden. Thank you for your time and enjoy your time here.

Источник: www.deviantart.com

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