Adobe helpx

Adobe helpx

Learn how to change to a different Adobe plan or modify the storage or billing frequency of your current subscription.

How to change your Adobe plan or subscription

You change your plan or subscription in your Adobe account page. 

Adobe helpx Under Plan & payment, click Change plan. You can also view details of your current plan.

Select Change plan

Adobe helpx Choose the desired plan. (To scroll through the plans, click the arrow to the right.)

Choose desired plan

What happens after you change your plan?

After you change your plan:

  • The existing plan is canceled and you get a refund for it.
  • The new plan is effective immediately and you will receive a charge for the new plan.
  • Your monthly billing date changes to the date when you change the plan. 
  • For yearly plans, the new renewal date is one year after the date on which you change the plan. For example, if you change your plan on June 14, 2019, the new plan will renew on June 14, 2020.


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